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What can it heal?

  The pain of osteoarthritis, "back pain", rheumatic pains.

Neuralgia, headache and migraines.

Sports injuries, sprains, tendinitis, elongations, painful muscle contractures.

Disorders of the blood circulation (heavy legs). *

Dermatological disorders (hair loss, fibrous scars). *


What is it?

  Mesotherapy is the injection of active substances into the surface layer of the skin. This method allows a slower spread and longer lasting effects of drugs in the tissues underlying the site of injection (skin, muscle, joint, nerve) compared with those following intramuscular injection.

It is a different mode of administration of drugs, with local multiple, superficial injections close to suffering zone and intradermal.

The drugs used are the same as those that could be used in tablet or deep injections. It is a conventional medicine.


What are the advantages?

  The doses delivered are in very small quantities. The skin can be used as a reservoir for the gradual diffusion of injected drugs.

Counter indications and side effects are rare. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs can be used even in a fragile subject of the stomach.

It can be associated with all other therapies.

The term “mesotherapy” is used for the technique, and not for the drugs or purpose of the treatment. It can be used for pain problems, but also for cosmetic purposes (ex. Botox).



  These are local injections of drugs, made through the skin, very superficial (2-4mm deep) and usually not painful using single-use equipment.


What is in the syringes?

  Drugs available in the Pharmacy but for multiple injections in very small quantities: anaesthetics, muscle relaxants, antioedematous, anti-inflammatories, vasodilators, calcitonin, etc…

  Usually we do 3 - 4 sessions once every 5-7 days for acute problems, and then it will depend on the evolution, the response to the treatment and the initial issue.

* N.B. Dr Spyropoulos does not perform cosmetic mesotherapy for now. He mostly uses Mesotherapy for muscular or joints problems / pains. Don't hesitate to ask him if you want more information about this therapy.

What is the price?

  Mesotherapy is unfortunately not covered by the Luxembourgish social security (CNS). Please ask us directly concerning our prices.

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